MV-1 vs Toyota Sienna Conversion Van

When you make the important investment of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you want to ensure your investment will be backed by quality and longevity. The excellence of the MV-1 cannot be matched by its converted competitors, like the converted Toyota Sienna. As a factory-built accessible vehicle, the MV-1 is more durable and cost-effective to own and operate than a converted van.

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MV-1 Design

The best-in-class safety of the MV-1 is largely due to its thoughtful design. Because the it is purpose-built with the comfort and accessibility desired by customers with disabilities, the MV-1 has built-in safety features with which after-market conversions cannot compete. Some of these features are a securement and restraint package that provides the passenger using a wheelchair with maximum stability; high-strength, steel-reinforced bumpers and side-impact beams; and an automatically-deployed lighted ramp entry with side barriers.

MV-1 Safety

The MV-1, in addition to having built-in safety features, is also built bigger than the converted Toyota Sienna. The size of the vehicle affects the maneuverability of the passengers inside it, and the MV-1 is factory-built to have plenty of space. The MV-1’s wheelbase is 122-in. to the converted Toyota Sienna’s 119.3-in. The MV-1 has a length of 205-in. and a width of 79.4-in. The converted Toyota Sienna is smaller in these respects, at 200.50-in. in length and 78.1-in. in width. The MV-1 has a loading door space with nearly six inches more width than the converted Toyota Sienna’s space, with 36-by-56-in. as opposed to 30.5-by-57-in. The MV-1’s ramp is also wider, coming in at 30-in. to the converted Sienna’s 28.875-in.

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MV-1 Ramp

The angle of the converted Toyota Sienna ramp is an example of how the conversion process sacrifices quality for accessibility. The converted Toyota Sienna’s ramp angle is about one degree lower than the angle of the MV-1’s ramp. To achieve the lower angle, the floor of the converted Toyota Sienna has to be lowered in the conversion process, compromising the quality of the vehicle’s structure. The MV-1, on the other hand, is built in the factory with its already-low floor, maintaining its strong and durable structure.

Make the smart investment and choose the MV-1 over a converted Toyota Sienna for your accessible vehicle. You won’t find these vans everywhere, however, so talk to the experts at MV-1 of Connecticut in Meriden, CT to learn more about features and how to get one.