MV-1 vs. Honda Odyssey Conversion Van

The MV-1 is the first American vehicle that is designed from the ground up to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs. The MV-1’s purpose-built construction gives it several advantages over converted vans, like the converted Honda Odyssey. The MV-1 is more durable and cost-effective to own and operate than a converted van.

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MV-1 Safety

The MV-1 earns best-in-class safety ratings. Having been built in the factory to meet the accessibility needs of its customers, the MV-1 bypasses the pitfalls of after-market conversion with built-in safety features. These features include the securement and restraint package, which provides maximum stability and protection for the passenger using a wheelchair.

MV-1 Accessibility

The MV-1 is both a higher quality and a physically bigger vehicle than the converted Honda Odyssey. The MV-1’s wheelbase is 122-in. to the converted Honda Odyssey’s 118-in. The MV-1 has a length of 205-in., a height of 75-in., and a width of 79.4-in. In each of these respects the converted Honda Odyssey is smaller, at 202.9-in. in length, 73.5-in. in height, and 79.2-in. in width. The loading and unloading side door is also significantly wider, with a 36-by-56 space, with five more inches of width than the converted Honda Odyssey’s 30.75-by-55-in. space. The MV-1’s 30-in. ramp is more than an inch wider than the converted Odyssey’s 28.87-in. ramp.

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MV-1 Ramp

The floor of the Honda Odyssey is lowered in the after-market conversion process, ending up with a ramp angle of about one degree lower than that of the MV-1. Even though the lower angle is desirable, changing the factory floor compromises the quality of the vehicle’s structure. The MV-1 is built in the factory with its already-low floor. Thus, the MV-1 does not compromise longevity and quality to achieve its low ramp angle.

Choose the MV-1 for a level of quality and completeness that cannot be achieved by a converted van like the converted Honda Odyssey. You won’t find these vans everywhere, however, so talk to the experts at MV-1 of Connecticut in Meriden, CT to learn more about features and how to get one.