The MV-1 van is back in production

Those who are restricted to a wheelchair will be happy to know that recently the MV-1 van came back and is once again being produced. The van continues to be the only minivan on the market that meets ADA requirements for accessibility, making it the ideal choice for drivers and passengers who are disabled. This vehicle is large enough to fit two power chairs. Alternatively, it can fit three wheelchairs in addition to three passengers within the rear seats, making it great even for larger families with multiple wheelchair-bound members.


Why Production Ended

Production of the MV-1 van originally ended last year when Vehicle Production Group, the Michigan-based company producing the van, was unable to meet the Energy Department’s minimum financial requirements. Originally, the van had been built with a government loan for $50 million. This loan was given as part of the clean energy program that funded Tesla Motors for its electric car and Fisker Automotive for its plug-in hybrid.


Changes in Operation

Now production of the MV-1 van is back, and it is being built by a different company, AM General. This company is perhaps best-known for its work on building the Humvee, which the military uses. VPG also had hopes to broaden the production of the MV-1 van into a taxi or limousine, depending on the market, but it remains to be seen what steps AM General will take.



In addition to being ADA compliant and universally accessible, the MV-1 van is also completely made in America. It is being manufactured in Mashawaka, Indiana, where it helps boost the local as well as national economy, while providing means of transportation for the disabled.


Options and Tech

There are three trim levels to choose from now that the MV-1 van is back in production. These include the Standard Edition (SE), Deluxe Edition (DX), and Luxury Edition (LX). You can select each of the trims in black, silver, or white, depending on your preference. The van already stands out as the only option to meet the ADA guidelines, but it also offers new technology features. Depending on the trim level and optional features you select, you can get a rear backup camera (useful with this large minivan), Bluetooth, navigation, satellite radio, cruise control, leather interior, tinted windows, and alloy wheels. You also have the choice of a standard gas engine or one that runs on natural gas for those who prefer an environmentally friendly and more affordable fuel source.


Now that the MV-1 van is back in production, you simply need to visit Harte Family Motors and talk to the experts to determine which configuration is right for you and drive your van off the lot.