MV-1 Color Options

The new MV-1 van is thoughtfully designed for the ease and comfort of commercial and consumer users who need wheelchair-accessible transportation. Owners can take pride in the polished look of their MV-1, as each vehicle is beautifully painted in one of three available colors.

mv-1 van meriden

The MV-1 is available in a stunning Arctic White (50U). It also looks sleek in Sterling Silver (17U). Jet Black (41U) gives the MV-1 an elegant sense of style. With a base coat and clear coat, each MV-1 has a pleasing glossy finish. These three colors are available on the MV-1 SE Standard Edition, MV-1 DX Deluxe Edition, and MV-1 LX Luxury Edition. On the MV-1 LX, the chosen color extends to the center grille, as the front of the vehicle has a distinctive fascia with chrome components.


Whether you choose Jet Black, Arctic White, or Sterling Silver, you’ll turn heads in the stylish MV-1. You won’t find these vans everywhere, however, so talk to the experts at Harte Family Motors in Meriden, CT to learn more about features and how to get one.