How to use the MV-1

As the only American purpose-built wheelchair-accessible vehicle, the MV-1’s many qualities make it the perfect vehicle for anyone with a disability, nursing home transportation, municipal paratransit services, and taxicab operations.

Who is the MV-1 for?

Many seniors rely on medical transportation provided by nursing homes to get to vital services such as doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, surgery, and dialysis. Transportation in the MV-1 provides this service in a manner that maintains resident dignity, safety, and the highest level of functioning, as any service provided to the disabled or nursing facility residents should.

Loading and unloading passengers from the MV-1 is comfortable and easy with a 56-in. high and 36-in. extra wide loading door and a curb-side ramp that eliminates the danger and discomfort of traffic-side loading.


MV-1 Engine

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires public entities operating fixed route transportation systems to provide comparable complementary paratransit services to people with disabilities. The MV-1 is the perfect vehicle to fulfill this requirement. With its 4.6-liter V8 engine, the MV-1 moves with the speed and power of a much smaller vehicle.

Municipalities with natural gas fueling tanks can get the MV-1 with a Dedicated Compressed Natural Gas engine and save money with the lower cost alternative fuel. Natural gas has fewer harmful emissions than gasoline, so using the MV-1 with the CNG engine helps keep the community’s air clean.

MV-1 Taxi

Taxi operations can use the MV-1 to offer a safe, clean, and fast transportation option to their clientele with disabilities. Because the MV-1 is purpose-built as an accessible vehicle, it is more durable and cost-effective to own and operate than a converted van or bus. That means taxi companies save money by getting more miles and more quality hours out of an MV-1.

Passengers with luggage will be pleased with the MV-1’s best-in-class cargo volume of 36.4 feet, and drivers will be pleased with the 290-to-350 mile fuel range, depending on whether the vehicle has a gasoline or CNG engine.

mv-1 taxi cab meriden

The MV-1 is the first choice for nursing homes, municipalities, taxi services, and wherever safe, comfortable, and accessible transportation is required. You won’t find these vans everywhere, however, so talk to the experts at MV-1 of Connecticut in Meriden, CT to learn more about features and how to get one.